Invest in Pro Bono

Support from donors like you is critical to help the Foundation…

  • Improve the lives of people in need – including wounded veterans, domestic violence survivors, people with serious illness, and many others in need of free, expert advice
  • Provide opportunities for thousands of financial planners to give back to their communities and to lend their expertise in the service of others
  • Demonstrate that the financial planning industry is committed to pro bono, extending its expertise to people who would otherwise lack access to valuable services

Since 1995, the Foundation has provided more than $6 million in grants to local, regional and debby_lady-with-cancer-child-daughter-girlnational nonprofits in support of programs that link financial planners to people in needOur grantees’ programs have served more than 380,000 people and have included over 58,000 one-on-one planning sessions with cancer patients, military families, domestic abuse survivors and more.

The Foundation also works alongside key partners to recruit, engage and connect volunteer planners to needy people in their communities. To date, we have engaged over 15,000 industry professionals, whose pro bono work has amounted to 157,000 hours. 

With your support, we aim to significantly grow the ranks of volunteer planners through expanded partnerships and scalable program models that will allow us to reach more individuals in critical need of free financial planning.


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