Grantee Spotlight: Britepaths, formerly Our Daily Bread


Generally, our clients are the “working poor”– they work but have low incomes and could not otherwise afford the expert financial advice that we provide. When they arrive [to our Financial Counseling Clinics], they are often despondent, and when they leave they are filled with hope and a plan for how to move forward. With the support of the Foundation, we’ve given them not just pro bono help, but also help for a better future.


– Marcelle Miles, Financial Literacy Program Manager, Britepaths

Grantee Spotlight:

Britepaths, formerly Our Daily Bread (Fairfax, VA)

For over 30 years, Britepaths (formerly Our Daily Bread) has been improving the lives of vulnerable Northern Virginia residents. First founded as a temporary homeless shelter, the nonprofit later shifted its focus to provide food and job skills training to the homeless.

Today, Britepaths continues to empower underserved populations. Recognizing the demand for holistic support, they created the Project BRIDGE Program, which provides emergency food, financial support and seasonal assistance, while also offering financial mentoring and planning so clients can develop a plan for self-sufficiency.

Their Financial Counseling Clinics – launched in 2011 with a grant from the Foundation – offer pro bono financial planning to low-to-moderate income clients throughout Northern Virginia. During these monthly clinics, volunteer advisors from the Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area analyze clients’ personal financial picture, offering at least five concrete steps to act on immediately in order to improve their financial situation. In its first two years, the program served over 100 people in one-on-one engagements, doubling that figure the following year.

“Our clients cannot afford to pay for financial advice, yet they are in the most need of financial literacy education and planning. Our one-on-one experiences encourage forward thinking and hope for their future.”

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Nonprofits like Britepaths rely on support from volunteers. Are you a financial planner willing to take time out of your busy schedule to provide pro bono financial planning?

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For over 20 years, the Foundation has supported nonprofits that educate and empower vulnerable populations. Our mission is to help people take control of their financial lives by connecting the financial planning community with people in need. Help us support more nonprofits like Britepaths by making a donation today.


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Conquering Debt

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“As veterans, we don’t have a lot of resources. We tend to rack up a lot of debt which outstrips our ability to repay.  I appreciate how the pro bono planner really cared about me, listened and created a plan that is helping me get back on track for a better financial future.”

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New Life, New Home


Christa knew she had to remove her daughters from a bad situation at home – one that surrounded them with substance abuse and violence. When she picked up and moved her family to a new city, she discovered a program made possible by a grant from the Foundation for Financial Planning. After completing the CNL and LPN programs, securing a new job, and beginning meetings with a pro bono financial planner, Christa was able to repair her credit, save over $2,000, purchase a new home, and build a new life for herself and her children.

Helping Wounded Warriors

Disabled person

Scott was hit by a roadside IED while on patrol in Sadr City, Iraq in 2008. His body has mostly healed but his wife has had to stop working to provide the nearly 24/7 care required, as Scott still struggles with basic tasks. After being matched with a home through Foundation partner Homes for Our Troops, Scott connected with a volunteer financial planner. During the first meeting, Scott and his wife were excited to learn that they would have real expert help in getting their finances back on track.  “We are just blown away by the support and guidance we got from our financial planner and see for the first time in a long time a brighter financial future.”

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