Financial Information

The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) is a grant-making organization, providing grants of various sizes to community-based and national nonprofit organizations whose programs reach underserved families with free financial planning.

Through ongoing fundraising efforts, FFP maintains a reserve fund that helps generate income to fund these grants in perpetuity. We are leanly staffed, with a small team and low overhead, so our donors’ dollars go toward creating impact in the community and helping to advance pro bono planning across the profession. We drive this impact through our grants, partnerships, and program development work.

Close to 85% of our annual budget year-over-year goes to creating impact through our grants and programs, while the remaining 15% goes to fundraising and overhead needed to keep the Foundation running.

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When I give money to FFP… Where does the money go?

2015 Expense Allocations

  • Grants & Programs 82%
  • Fundraising 13%
  • Administration 5%