Pro Bono Boot Camp-Self Study

    Now that you have participated in the Pro Bono training, in order to receive 1 hour of CFP CE Credit you will need to pass the Pro Bono Boot Camp-Self Study today, May 26, 2018.  You will have one more chance to take the quiz if you fail.  Good luck!

    CFP Board ID
    Phone Number
    1) A Pro Bono planner:
    2) When doing pro bono outreach you can promote your services/practice to attendees.
    3) Having more than $3,000 in assets may disqualify a client from Food Stamps or Medicaid.
    4) Good credit counseling will help clients with a budget and design a repayment plan:
    5) Debt collectors can contact debtors:
    6) Pro Bono Financial Process includes:
    7) Techniques to track spending include all of the following except:
    8) Special challenges Pro Bono clients face include all of the following except:
    9) All are part of the pro bono guidelines except:
    10) NFCC stands for:

    Thank you for taking the exam.