FFP Volunteer Agreement

    The Foundation for Financial Planning is a nonprofit charitable organization with the mission of supporting pro bono financial planning to underserved populations.

    In signing up to be a pro bono financial planner, you are agreeing to the terms below as you volunteer on behalf of the Foundation for Financial Planning funded initiatives:

    • You attest that you have experience in a broad range of financial planning advice to consumers.
    • You agree that you will operate under the fiduciary standard of placing the best interest of the pro bono client first.
    • You agree that you will volunteer with no expectation of remuneration or anticipation of business.
    • You are part of a financial planning professional organization OR designation that operates under a professional standard of care to stay current in your profession and places a client’s interests first. You are either a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional in good standing with the CFP Board or you agree to conduct your volunteer work in conjunction with and under the oversight of a CFP professional.
    • You will not give financial guidance or advice outside of your scope of expertise.
    • FFP will not pay you a fee for time regardless of the capacity of your outreach.
    • Any presentation you make will be educational/informational and not promotional. You will not reference your company or any products/services.
    • You will not distribute your business cards, business merchandise or solicit clients.
    • You agree if pro bono client requests an ongoing paid financial planning engagement, the pro bono client should be referred to association or accreditation “find a planner” sites.
    • You will take the online Pro Bono Financial Planning Training.
    • You agree that the Foundation and/or our grantees may contact appropriate companies or organizations of licensing entities to verify information on the volunteer application.

    FFP will:

    • Provide resource materials to assist with your work.
    • Not reimburse you for expenses incurred traveling to and from your volunteer commitment unless otherwise agreed upon.
    • If applicable, provide you with an understanding of the audience you will be working with and the nature of the volunteer commitment, i.e. time, location etc.
    • Assist with making connections with FFP grantees or nonprofit partners working with underserved populations.